Who we are

We combine unique interdisciplinary skill-sets and experience in the application of new generation analytical frameworks.

Core team

Byron Botha (LinkedIn)

Experienced economist, computer scientist and developer with 12 years’ experience developing econometric models at the South African Reserve Bank.

Dr Daan Steenkamp (LinkedIn)

An economist with 18 years’ experience providing policy advice and managing research projects, having previously worked at the South African Treasury and central banks of both South Africa and New Zealand.

Aidan Horn (LinkedIn)

Data Scientist with experience in time-series analysis and modelling, policy analysis, survey design, behavioural economics, business intelligence and prediction.

Jan-Hendrik Pretorius (LinkedIn)

Data scientist specialising in advanced econometric modeling, data science, and economic history.


Dr Rudi Steinbach (LinkedIn)

Economist who assists with model development and research for specific projects, with extensive experience from the South African Reserve Bank and the World Bank.

Dr Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo (LinkedIn)

Associate Professor of Economics at a leading global university with expertise in the development and application of cutting-edge econometric modelling techniques.

Riaan Grobler (LinkedIn)

Statistician with extensive experience in developing National Accounts and Consumer Price Index (CPI) statistics, as well as real time statistics from alternative data sources.

Jonathan Jayes (LinkedIn)

Data scientist and economic historian with experience in applied microeconomics, natural language processing, and data visualization.

Pietman Roos (LinkedIn)

Economist with experience in financial regulation, capital markets, media affairs, and policy analysis.

Our Values

  • We innovate
  • We pursue excellence
  • We are committed to transparency, ongoing learning and iterative improvement
  • We collaborate and give frank feedback
  • We create value