Dr Daan Steenkamp

Daan Steenkamp
Daan Steenkamp

CEO and Co-founder

I am passionate about developing frameworks for answering pertinent questions.  What I love about advanced analytics is that the challenge is much more interesting than simply building models or extracting insights from complex datasets. It is about creating enabling infrastructure for the automation of these processes and then clearly communicating the tangible value of the insights gained. I enjoy using cutting edge techniques to frame questions and solve problems, and then operationalizing our tools to provide actionable insights on an ongoing basis.

I also have a keen interest in public policy, particularly in bringing data and economic evidence to bear on the big questions policy-makers and industry leaders need answered. I have extensive experience providing policy advice and managing research projects, having worked at the Central Banks of both South Africa and New Zealand and the National Treasury of South Africa. While at these institutions, we developed a range of quantitative frameworks for forecasting and policy analysis, including for exchange rate modelling, nowcasting macroeconomic variables, measuring funding costs and regulatory compliance costs for banks, as well as for estimating productivity. A summary of my recent research outputs can be found here.

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