We provide cost-effective and fit-for-purpose modelling, forecasting and reporting solutions.

Intelligent data solutions

We develop tools for providing data-driven insights. Our modular approach to advanced data analytics enables accelerated and cost-effective delivery of modelling, forecasting and reporting solutions.

We help our clients develop data products that harness their data. Our focus is on data products that require insights to be produced from frameworks that draw on public and third-party economic data, as well as proprietary data. We specialise in the development of automated models to analyse macroeconomic, industry and market data to synthesise implications for our clients.

Harness your data

We help our clients turn their data into value, helping them increase revenue, optimise their processes and manage their risks. We assist our clients with analysing macroeconomic, industry and market data to synthesise implications for their firm, its clients or investors.

What sets Codera apart is our unique interdisciplinary skill-sets and experience in the application of new generation analytical and forecasting frameworks. Our model and data management solutions can also easily be adapted to the needs of our clients. We help our clients use fit-for-purpose solutions to solve their specific analytical and automation challenges. We focus on embedding these solutions in our clients’ business by collaborating with them to make our technology and models for business decisions easy to use and understand. Our modular approach to building data analytics infrastructure challenges the status quo in the following ways:

  • Our approach dramatically reduces the cost of providing data management solutions.
  • We enable the use of integrative, scalable technologies.
  • The use of open-source technology enhances agility in responding to technological change and reduces continuity risks.
  • Simplified application of leading-edge analytical frameworks and econometric models.
  • User-friendly process and dashboard automation.
  • Seamless internal and external collaboration through cloud services.

Impactful policy research

We deliver independent research to produce insights about industry and macroeconomic trends and drive the public discussion about key policy issues. We also specialise in firm, industry and macroeconomic indicator development to answer the questions that matter to our clients and the South African public.

Check out EconData for details of our approach to data management and our sample Dashboard and Blog pages for examples of our analytics and forecasting modules.