Harness your data

Codera Analytics makes it easy to understand what is happening in the economy and what this means for businesses and policymakers.

We provide tools to analyse economic developments and their implications using up-to-date economic and financial data.

We are an experienced team of quantitative economists and data scientists specialising in modelling and data analysis automation.

Forecasting and analytics products

We develop models to analyse macroeconomic, industry and market data to synthesise implications for our clients. We develop indicators to measure economic activity and forecasting models and data analytics systems. We create frameworks for understanding how macroeconomic and financial developments affect the outlook for industries and enable detailed ‘forecast driver’ and scenario analysis.


We make leading-edge models easy to use and understand, and cost effective to implement and automate.

Data management solutions and automation

Our modular approach to building data analytics infrastructure dramatically reduces the cost of providing data management solutions.  Our open-source-first philosophy also empowers the teams we work with to adapt our solutions to an ever-changing need.

We have adopted modern best-practice solutions in putting together our technology stack. The stack is composed of four modules: database, data catalogue, modelling software, and publishing/dashboarding. Each module is containerised and communicates with the others through a consistent API. In this way, we can compose our system to incorporate our in-house solutions, popular cloud solutions, or a client’s on-premise solution in any combination to make up the four modules.

Our EconData platform enables automation of advanced analytics tools that depend on public domain data.  Codera uses EconData to automate models and create value-added products such as indicator and forecast dashboards of the economy. These dashboards and forecasts are made available to our private clients.

Our approach to model and process automation provides a flexible, robust, and secure solution to our clients.

Research and policy analysis

We also develop indicators for measuring economic concepts and bespoke models for forecasting and policy analysis. Our team comes from a research background, having developed a number of economic indicators (such as a Truck-o-meter and bank funding costs) and a number of econometric and big data statistical models (such as our GDP nowcasting research). Check our profiles for more detail about our publications and ongoing research. We also provide independent research services to produce insights about industry and macroeconomic trends and contribute to public discussion about key policy issues.