Dr Rossouw van Jaarsveld

Rossouw van Jaarsveld
Rossouw van Jaarsveld

Econometrician and Co-founder

I think uncovering data’s secrets is essential to understanding the modern world. I fell in love with applied econometrics as it helps us make sense of complex problems. Since completing my Ph.D. in Economics, I lectured and did research for the Centre for Competition Law and Economics at Stellenbosch University before working as a full time consultant to the South African Reserve Bank. I have worked on a range range of academic topics, from competition economics to wine cycles and monetary policy. Though I am interested in a range of empirical questions, I have always enjoyed finding the best framework to understand a particular problem. Recently, I have been focusing on developing dashboarding technology to visualise the insights from our models, and an example is available here.

Apart from being an avid boxing fan and a bit of a foodie, I enjoy reading and coding.