Launch of SAMADB Database and Nowcast

We are pleased to announce the launch of the South Africa Macroeconomic Database (SAMADB) and Nowcast. SAMADB is a free analytical macroeconomic database, offering over 10 000 time series for South Africa collected from the Quarterly Bulletin, EconData and STATSSA, with weekly updates (every Thursday). It allows efficient global queries through API packages for R, Python and Julia, and provides concise and harmonized information about time series attributes and data availability/coverage. By harmonizing time series data and making it broadly accessible in a database, we hope to facilitate macroeconomic research in SA.

Based on SAMADB, we have also launched the SA Nowcast: An automated weekly nowcast of GDP and Unemployment (updated every Friday) based on a mixed-frequency dynamic factor model and 57 core macroeconomic time series that receive real-time updates through EconData. The model is able to attribute changes in the nowcast to new data releases (news). The nowcast is visualized through a web-application. The code is available via a GitHub repo which includes weekly vintages of the nowcasting dataset available as excel files and all nowcasts and news releases as CSV files.

We would like to encourage researchers to try SAMADB and would appreciate feedback and suggestions. Updates will be available from the link on our website.




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