Composition of SA’s workforce

According to data from the Commission for Employment Equity, the proportion of African males in South Africa’s workforce has risen by almost 6 percentage points to almost 45% over the last 20 years. The proportion of African females rose by almost 2 percentage points to 36%, while the proportion of white males has fallen by around 3 percentage points to 5% and white females fell by 2 percentage points to about 4%. The white male share in senior management has dropped from 61% to about 34%, with particularly large rises in the shares of African males and female of around 7.5 percentage points each. Among professionally qualified workers, the proportion of African males and females have risen by almost 12 and 20 percentage points respectively, while the share of white males has declined by 30 percentage points and white females by almost 8 percentage points, and about 2 percentage point gains for coloured and Indian females, respectively.




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